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Rescindx Apparel is an up and coming brand. We design our own graphics and print our clothing and guarantee it. We take great pleasure in receiving inquiries from others if we will print for them, which we will of course. Whether it is for the gym or every day wear, you will not be disappointed. Our style is pseudo MMA but all power and strength in style and fit. 

Rescindx is for all people who have the commitment and determination to train, whether one has a ‘day’ job, does shift work, or is a professional athlete. The commitment and determination starts behind closed doors in the early hours of the morning, or at night after the daily dust settles.

Everything you do while training translates into the real world, making you the strongest to compete at any level in life. Training confronts your physical boundaries, and shifts that strength to overcome perceived limitations. Strength Matters comes from within every one of us !!!

Spread the word and help others achieve the potential you know they possess. If we all work together we can build RESCINDX into a strong brand with a strong meaning. Get moving, get motivated and remember RESCINDX - Strength Matters

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All shipping in Canada, is $5.00 and $20.00 in the USA. 

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